"Embargo" chronicles the journey of American citizen Jeri Rice's quest for truth beginning with a rare meeting with Cuban Premier Fidel Castro in 2002, when the Communist leader tells her the utopia he tried to create had failed, and he was unable to fix it. Rice sets out to find out why her country's unprecedented embargo of Cuba has persisted unabated long after the Cold War decades that marked an era of enmity between the two nations only 90 miles apart.

First hailed as hero when Fidel Castro seized power from a corrupt U.S.-backed regime, the Cuban leader soon became America's feared menace—a 'monster' dictator in league with Soviet puppet masters.

Along with information from recently declassified documents and original interviews with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Sergei Khrushchev, Ted Sorensen, and Lucie Arnaz—among others—an unprecedented array of historical political, social and cultural perspectives are revealed dating back before the 1959 Cuban revolution that catapulted Castro to power, which led to the failed CIA-backed Bay of Pigs invasion and 1962's Cuban Missile Crisis.

The unilateral embargo of Cuba for 54 years is highlighted by lasting effects of America’s hostile foreign policy on the still impoverished nation now that restoration of diplomatic relations have begun.

Rice's vivid recollections as a child growing up in an era of nuclear showdown, assassination and a bloody Vietnam war are interwoven with with her quest for understanding of how America's fear of Castro's Soviet-backed regime led to a bevy of internecine U.S.-led plots and counterplots to remove Castro and free his people from totalitarian rule. Rice's pilgrimage to Havana in 2002, and her rare meeting with Fidel Castro, allows for a unique opportunity to view him in an entirely different light -- still the revolutionary, yet the Cuban leader acknowledges failure of his struggle to foment a Marxist state.

"Embargo's" inexorable, indisputable and compelling truths from Rice's search for truth ultimately become the film's core advocacy to end now the rancorous embargo that has failed both countries and its peoples on every level.